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Open source is the talk of the town. License-free software applications that can be freely used and improved upon. With open source products the source code is open and constructed in a flexible manner. Developers across the globe are continuously creating further applications and improving upon them. In the case of the open source content management system Typo3, you can find hundreds of extensions that, with a little time and labor, can supplement and extend the functionality of the base system.

Since a large part of clients need similar functionality as well, anyone can help themselves to needed extensibility. Merely small adjustments to the extensions are needed for use with Typo3.

A clear advantage for the client.

No licensing fees, therefore cheap to aware and maintain.

Quality - open source applications are continuously developed further and security is continuously monitored by the development community.

Future-proof -  Open source is open, therefore not dependent upon a single vendor or company.

Interfaces can be created to allow for synchronization and integration with other software products.

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